Abugida Fashion engaged in designing and production of Ethiopian traditional cloths in fashionable yet casual way. The establishment of the company goes back to three years where a young Fashion Designer, Hiwot Gashaw, came up with the concept of making her own design clothes. However, before establishment of her own company she serves as  Head of Sewing Department in Ethio- Craft then she passes to Mercy  Chapel where she trains and capacitates prostitutes. That is where establishing Abugida Fashion comes out. Even though, she has to make money to be able to buy the necessary equipment and resources she need. She woks half day at Abune Zena Markos Children and Elders Charity and half day managing her works. Her education in designing and sewing from Ethiopia’s pioneer School of Fashion, Next Design, has endowed her to introduce affordable, preferable and new style of Ethiopian traditional touch clothes. Her passion of designing which was her childhood hobby grown and lead her to join the school mentioned above and  graduate with great distinction by winning the school’s annual design competition in all four categories.

In addition to her talent in fashion design she shows her passion and value for the business by founding and being the first secretary general for Ethiopian Fashion Designers Association in order to protect intellectual properties, brands so as to pave a future way and resolving different issued faced by many upcoming designers.

Abugida Fashion only took a shorter time to get both domestic and international recognition in the Fashion industry and young entrepreneurship.

To create an Ethiopian based international brand.

To step up, put a milestone for Ethiopian fashion to the international Fashion industry and clothing lines. Abugida Fashion is planning to accomplish this by using the rich mosaic nature of Ethiopian culture and tradition through research, creativity and innovation.


These are the values that guide Abugida Fashion’s business, service and brand

  •  Passion for fashion designing
  • Passion for the unique yet mosaic Ethiopian culture on which our uniqueness and inspiration raises
  • Commitment to excellence and customers
  • Team work
  • Ethical fashion
  • Paying back to community



Ms. Hiwot is one of the youngest designers and makes all her products from start to finish, from designing the cloths to adding the embroidery details.

Contact Details

Hiwot Gashaw
W W W . A B U G I D A – F A S H I O N . C O M

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