ABKA Jewelry is a sister company of ABKA Leather that produces different leather products, owned and  managed by Mrs. Genet Abegaz,  who has been working as a photographer and videographer for seven years. With her passion for arts, in 2017 she took Lapidary courses and successfully finished with certificate. She learned the technics of cutting, polishing and how to facet gems into stunning jewelry.


Genet and Her Employee in Production      ABKA Jewelry Products

ABKA Jewelry is currently working on designing and producing earrings, bracelets and necklaces combining gemstones with leather materials and leather purses. The company has created job opportunity for 7 employees; 4 female and 3 male employees.

Genet is a hardworking, hands-on and creative in her work looking to use her passion and experience to further in this area. She has unique experience in crafting, designing and styling variety of materials.

Contact Information

Mrs. Genet Abegaz

Tel: + 251 929189427



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