Coffee Cupping

A coffee cupping of different coffee varieties, form the women entrepreneurs working in coffee with Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE) took place on March 3, 2016 at Seife Tuuloskorpi coffee lab. The coffee cupping was headed by Seife Tuuloskorpi of Nordic Approach, who is the Country Manager for Ethiopia.

Participants smelling the fragrance​

Nordic Approach is a company focusing solely on sourcing high quality green coffee from different countries. The aim of the cupping was to search unique coffee after which the follow up (control) the quality after buying is done by the coffee lab found here in Addis Ababa and in Oslo. Seife said coffee is selectively sourced based on its cup profile. The coffee lab helps to maintain the quality from drop to arrival.​

Participants in the coffee cupping​

Participants that took place in the cupping were Emebet Tafesse – Zebad General Export & Import, Mehbaba Seid-Fahem General Trading, Dehab Mesfin – Diamond Enterprise, Bezuayehu Shone – Bezuayehu Shone Coffee Plantation, Bethlehem Tilahun – Sole Rebels, Seife Tuuloskorpi – Country Manger Ethiopia, Nigest Haile – Executive Director of CAWEE.​

From the above mentioned participants except Bethlehem Tilahun (Sole Rebels) all have given their coffee samples 3 0r 4 days before cupping.

Ato Seife explaining the purpose of cupping​

Seife announced that his company has signed a contract with one of​ the women coffee farmers, a member of CAWEE, Mehbaba Seid (Fahem General Trading), where the company has sent its first 20 feet container.

The purpose of the cupping was to teach the women in coffee to know their coffee well based on cup profile, which will give them negotiation capacity when dealing with potential buyers, where for a coffee farmer knowing the characteristics of her coffee is knowing its value.