Breakfast Meeting with the Ambassador of Morocco to Ethiopia and Djibouti

Breakfast meeting was organized on October 19, 2019, at the residence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Ethiopia and Djibouti, to discuss on CAWEE’s up-coming Continental Event.

Present during the meeting were: Ambassador Mahelet from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Aurelia from UNIDO, Mrs. Tewabech from Dubai Chamber, CAWEE members, women entrepreneurs (involved in different sectors targeting the export market) and CAWEE Team.

The meeting started with a welcoming remark made by the Executive Director of CAWEE, Mrs. Nigest Haile, she thanked the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Moroccoto Ethiopiaand Djibouti, H.E Mrs. Nezha Alaoui, for organizing the breakfast meeting at her residence to discuss on the up-coming event. Continuing her remark she underlined that, the planned Continental Event in December, 2019, where more than 20-30 International Buyers and 30-40 African Women in Business are expected to take part, including the Morocco business women delegation.

Following the remarks delivered by the Executive Director of CAWEE, the Ambassador, H.E. Mrs. Nezha Alaoui made a brief remark, by thanking all the invited guests for coming to the breakfast meeting. With a focus on the up-coming event, she mentioned that in the African context, signing the free trade agreement now is the right time to hold this inter African continental event, introducing each African country on who is producing what, in also building the trade balance.

H.E Mrs. Nezha Alaoui further mentioned that, in continuing the partnership with CAWEE, the Embassy is closely working with the Center to take Ethiopian business women delegation to Morocco in 2020, which she stated will help a lot to build strong connection between the two countries.

In closing the meeting, the invited guests expressed their appreciation for CAWEE’s planned up-coming event, and also for H.E Mrs. Nezha Alaoui, in inviting them to her residence and for all her support in empowering women.