The Executive Director of CAWEE Took Part at the TICAD 7 Official Side Event

Tokyo International Conference on African Development VII (TICAD 7) led by the Japanese Government, that took place in Yokohama, Japan August 28-31, 2019, was co-sponsored by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the African Union Commission (AUC) and the World Bank.


In recognition of the critical role played by women’s entrepreneurship in empowering women, creating jobs, boosting inclusive economic growth and ending poverty, during TICAD 7, UN Women organized an official side event, a panel between African and Japanese Women Entrepreneurs.


The focus of the panel was in alignment with one of the priority topics set for TICAD 7, which comprehended economic transformation and improvements in business environment and institution through private investment and innovation.

The UN Women official side event, i.e. the panel organized at the TICAD 7 with the theme ”Return on Investment in Women’s Economic Empowerment in Japan and Africa” on August 28, 2019, 10:30-12:00, was a great success, where three panelist from Africa (Ethiopia, Senegal and South Africa) and one panelist from Japan took part. The panel was chaired by Mrs. Letty Chiwara, UN Women Representative to Ethiopia, African Union and Economic Commission for Africa.

The official side event, where about 200 participants took part, was an opportunity to share African best practices to Japanese counterparts and also to hear back from the Japanese women in business on their experiences and opportunities of establishing business relationships between Africa and Japan.

At the TICAD 7 official event, UN Women also had an exhibition stand where activities implemented by the participating different countries (Japan, Ethiopia and Senegal) were exhibited. This UN Women exhibition stand was visited by different dignitaries, where among those was the First Lady of Japan, where during her visit, she met with the participants of the UN Women official side event.

At the UN Women had Exhibition Stand at the TICAD 7, the stand exhibited pictorial works accomplished in the countries of Japan, Ethiopia and Senegal. Beyond the pictorial presentations, Shea Butter and organic food products of an entrepreneur from Senegal were also exhibited. The exhibition was open to visitors and participants of TICAD 7.