Swedish Parliamentarians Visit at Enat Bank

Delegation of Swedish parliamentarians visited Enat Bank on February 15, 2016. The delegation visited the Etege Taytu Main Branch, at the head-quarter of Enat Bank where meeting was held with the senior management of the bank as well as member of the Enat Bank board.

The delegation visiting the bank were members of the financial committee of the Swedish parliament. In the delegation were;

Ulf KristerssonConservative Party. Economic policy spokesperson and Minister for Social Security 2010-2014
Jonas Jacobsson GjörtlerConservative Party
Jörgen AnderssonConservative Party
Fredrik SchulteConservative Party
Marie GranlundSocial Democrats
Niklas KarlssonSocial Democrats
Håkan SvennelingLeft Party
Mikael ÅsellDesk Officer
Elisabeth JohanssonDesk Officer

The delegation discussed with the bank the Bank’s low collateral loan program for women. The program which is unique to Enat Bank is funded by money that was fund raised from the share holders of the bank and from the total fund of 1.8 million birr, the bank has been able to provide loans to 8 young women involved in different small and micro industries with a loan of around 300,000.00 birr on average. The fund has been successful in empowering the beneficiaries, where within the short time since the start of the program, one of the beneficiaries has graduated from this program to being able to get a regular loan from the bank.

Enat Bank highlighted the importance of such a program in Ethiopia citing the challenges women entrepreneurs face in raising capital or finding collateral to enable them to get a loan. As an outcome of the meeting, Enat Bank has requested for support of guarantee fund from the Swedish government which will enable the bank to mobilize more resources for the program and benefit more women, where this time more than 4,000 women are in the pipeline looking forward to benefit from the loan scheme.

The parliamentarians concluded their visit by taking a short visit of the Etege Taytu main branch’s customer service section.

Meeting Enat Bank Head Quarters with a delegation from the Swedish Parlament’s finance committee, members of Enat Bank’s Board (W/ro Nigest Haile, Executive Director of CAWEE and W/ro Askale Benti, General Manager of SIHEEN Import & Export)​
Executives of Enat Bank
Group picture of Swedish Delegation, Enat Bank board members and executive staff​
Delegates visit of the Etege Taytu Branch, Head Quarters of Enat Bank​