Ethiopian social entrepreneurs and sisters Elizabeth and Eyerusalem are strong believers in the power of their people to bring about real and tangible changes in their own lives. And it is this ethos which at the center of everything that they are doing at Sabegn!!!
Taking employment of women and people from vulnerable communities as one of its core visions, the company manufactures products ranging from a credit card wallet, handbags, backpacks, side-bags to a travel bag at a reasonable price, allowing Sabegn to attend a variety of customers in retail and wholesale, both locally and internationally. With a spirit to satisfy needs through collaboration, it has built a manufacturing and organizational capacity to satisfy low, medium, and high-level leather product demand from different parts of the world.

Sabegn in addition to producing leather products has opened a new concept store with supportive platform for various local handmade products to be sold alongside Sabegn’s own variety leather product with in the local and international markets. The store currently works together with 50 and growing vendors that are from the community of which some are women from vulnerable societies that have been trained in different sectors by the Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE). Sabegn’s concept store allows vendors to get access to the market with very little cost and allows customers to find variety of products with a reasonable price at one place, further nurturing the birth and growth of various relationships between various professionals in different sectors.

The world is a better place when businesses such as Sabegn invest in communities that they are based in and of course no matter how successful Sabegn is; it has nothing to show if its community is still living in poverty. Apart from providing the space for artists and artisans to connect with the buying audiences, Sabegn work closely with variety of artists and artisans by providing them with the much-needed free meeting spaces where they can actively network and develop potential customers and their skills around the business side of their work.

  • To become a pioneer and top leather product developer in the country and make Ethiopian leather products recognized for innovation, quality and affordable price all over the world.
  • To nurture a collaborative space where variety creative people in different sector can present their work and expand their market reach.



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia