Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, owner and manager of Sole Rebels, is a tireless foot soldier taking Ethiopian entrepreneurship to the world. She is building a $20-million shoe factory in Addis Ababa and just launched a coffee brand, Garden of Coffee.

Garden of Coffee is the antithesis of factory roasting. The company sources the finest beans from across Ethiopia and these are then re-selected by its team of the world’s finest artisans hand roasters. The company then prepares and roasts that based on customers’ orders on its magnificent ceramic roasters inside its Addis Ababa roasting atelier.

Garden of Coffee roasts its coffee with the greatest of care in the same manner that’s been perfected here in Ethiopia for millennia – by hand, watching, smelling and hearing every single ​​bean roast. It’s a magical process that allows the company to bring out the absolute finest qualities from each bean. The result: The finest coffee that is never sipped.

Bethlehem began Garden of Coffee so that people everywhere can experience that magic. Because once someone tastes Ethiopian coffee that has been hand-roasted by traditional Ethiopian coffee artisans on handcrafted ceramic roasters, her/his coffee perspectives are forever changed.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu
Founder & CEO, Garden of Coffee
Tel: +251911110848
World Economic Forum Young Global Leader [YGL] FORBES  100 Most Powerful Women ; CNN The Top  12 Women Entrepreneurs of The Last Century [#4 ]  ; Fast Company Most Creative People in Business